Riding Out the Storm: Servicing Lessons From Natural Disasters

Carrington Shares Servicing Lessons from Natural Disasters in DS News

According to this article by Ray Brousseau, President of Carrington Mortgage Services, published on July 29 on the DS News website (and featured in the July issue of DS News Magazine), natural disasters are an unfortunate reality that affects thousands of people every year.

Whether caused by hurricane damage and floods, tornadoes or the ravages of wildfires, those working in the real estate industry are familiar with the devastating consequences of these events, as well as the destruction they inflict on lives and property. Servicers should have policies and practices in place that will help their companies take action as quickly and decisively as possible when something does happen.

“Servicers should be prepared to help clients as they struggle to deal with the significant personal and financial hardships that often result from a natural disaster," writes Ray.

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